Friday 29 May 2009

Security Coronation — White-lists from the White House?

Barak Obama has announced that he will personally appoint a “cyber czar” to lead the creation of a cyber security office in the White House. This is not the first time we have seen President Obama’s commitment to technology. One of his first announcements on taking office was the appointment of a Chief Technology Officer.

This is further public acknowledgment that those at the very top are taking threats to both public and private sector networks very seriously. It is long overdue for governments to step in and provide the real investment and leadership required to control the threats from cyber criminals and their attacks.

The question remains – what power will the newly anointed White House King of Cyberspace be granted along with their crown? It would be good to see them adopt a positive white listing philosophy.

On a different note, Secerno have been determined as one of the Top Ten Tech Companies to Watch. Check out the link here.