Wednesday 1 April 2009

Protecting the April Fool

This year's April Fool's day has had concerns about whether the Conflicker worm will trigger or not. I am keen to go beyond malware and consider a more general security question: How do we distinguish between the fool that only wants to comply with the law and the diligent person that wants to protect their precious assets?

When it comes to physical systems we have all seen it. Take the wearing of helmets for motorcyclists for example. We can only presume that the head is precious enough to protect, but it has taken legislation and policing to get riders to wear helmets. There is a great range of motorcycle helmets on the market with varying features and price.

It is easy to spot those riders that are not interested in true protection – the chopper riders that choose to wear a helmet that is a skimpy fashion item – like the small open face cap that sits on top of the skull. It looks really cool, complies with the minimum standard of the law – but what level of protection does it offer in even the mildest collision? The alternative full-face helmet will truly protect and prevent a visit to the dentist.

Don’t be a data security fool – go beyond compliance and place a full-face security device around your precious data assets.