Friday 21 November 2008

Coming of Age

Party time!

Secerno hit its fifth birthday this week and co-Founder/CTO Steve Moyle and I spent a few happy moments reflecting on half a decade that has flown by as the world has changed rapidly.

Five years ago, there was no database security market worth speaking of. Since then, the focus of both criminal activity and the security industry has lifted up the stack from the network to the application layer – and specifically to the database. Previously seen as bomb-proof, the all-important database is now recognized as a vulnerable component in the IT infrastructure – and the most valuable.

Which is where we came in. Five years on and there is now an answer to the question of how to stop the kind of focused database attacks that have started to plague companies around the world. These are often targeted, intelligent exploits that need to be stopped by specialist, intelligent defense. If all your database security does is tell you how the data was stolen, then it’s a forensic tool masquerading as security. If it doesn’t stop the attack, then it’s not a defensive player – it’s a commentator!

Five years on and the passion remains. We are starting to hear rumours of another major breach in the US. We’ll say more when we can. These things have to be stopped.

Database security is ready to come of age.

Paul Davie